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Ants needing some Ant Control Services

Ants Invading your Yard or Home?

Ant Control


Though small, ants can cause large problems. From health concerns to property damage, these little soldiers can be difficult to eliminate once they’ve established their bases. 

Ants are thought to be pretty harmless when it comes to physical injury to humans, but when it comes to your property, these little insect soldiers can wreak havoc!

Shield Pest Control provides the cure to those pesky insects. Our ant control services include options for both prevention and infestation treatments.

The Risks of an Ant infestation

What Risks do Ants Cause?

Every infestation is unique, as well as the risks they bring if left unchecked. Many homeowners and businesses struggle with the risks that ants bring. Some of the most common issues ants cause:

Food Contamination

If there is a crumb to be found, ants will find them. Whether it’s your counters, cabinets, or even your pantry. What’s even more dangerous is ants can carry and transmit bacterial and fungal organisms that would be best to avoid in your food.

Property Damage

Ants like to build their nests in soil or wood. This is not ideal for your ards or homes. One of the worst culprits is carpenter ants; they like to build their nests in damp, decaying wood, or homes with moisture issues which can lead to structural issues in your home.

Bites and Stings

Many people may not know this, but if you or someone you know is allergic to bee or wasp stings, they may also be allergic to ant stings. Ants are part of the insect sting allergies to be on the lookout for.

Ant control maintenance

When you have ant control plans in place, our master bug slayer helps stop the problem before it is a problem. One-time service appointments only get rid of bugs that are living.

Our ant control maintenance plans provide a protective barrier around your house and property so that bugs stay away for the long haul. No one wants to deal with ants inside of the home or eating up your foundation and yard. Getting on year-round ant control prevention programs helps with peace of mind. 

Ant Control and Prevention

At Shield Pest Control, we understand the frustrations with being over-run by pests and the struggles that come with trying to keep them at bay with DIY pest control solutions. Our expert bug slayers are here to help. We track down the sources of the infestation, report the damage, and eliminate the problem. Shield Pest Control also offers treatment plans to both homeowners and businesses for year-round protection. 

Learn about treatment and prevention for our ant control services by contacting us.

Year-Round Ant Control

Our year-round pest control prevention plans include quarterly services that are customized to fit your needs. 

Step 1: Pest Control Property Assessment

Our first goal is to determine what types of pests need to be handled on your property as it could be more than ants.

Step 2: Pest Control Recommendations

After the pests are identified, we will provide recommendations of treatment and on-going maintenance to remove them from your property and keep them away. 

Step 3: Hassle-Free Pest Service Plans

The choice is yours to make once you know what you’re dealing with. Let us know what plans and schedules fit your needs and always feel free to let us know if schedules need to change.




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